S1E24 -Free Stuff for Life

This week the boys discuss the dangers of flushing meth. A wedding with a very questionable theme that could land them in some hot water, and a shameful attempt at sponsorship…  

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S1E23 -The Prankster

This week the boys discuss the bonkers plans to see Aliens in Area 51. A simple misunderstanding results in an amazing birthday surprise, and Demis reveals some of the shadiest pranks up his sleeve… 

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S1E22 -Ice Cream Wars

Cool off with this weeks episode of Shamecast. This week the boys discuss all things ice cream. From the secret ice cream wars of the streets, to people using ice cream to up their social status… 

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S1E21 -House Chores

A woman has spent time in jail so her husband can get out of doing house chores. While another woman receives a unique proposal. Cameron and Demis also discuss the best and worst ways of sneaking booze into places… 

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S1E19 -Ants on a Plane

This week the boys talk about a flight with a horrible infestation, a master criminal with an unlikely choice for a weapon, and how one lucky individual got away with a crime due to a technicality… 

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S1E16 -Lads Lads Lads

This week things get a bit laddy. Both stories for the week leave our protagonist with a nasty surprise, in two completely different ways… 

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S1E15 -Cheaters

This week, the boys screw up their noses at a sporting competition marred by a smelly mystery, along with a surprisingly satisfying tale of bridal comeuppance...

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S1E7 -Herocast

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