Episode 033: Festival Season

NSFW. This week we double down on Claire, who joins Cameron as they discuss Music Festivals, and everything that comes with them. Everything from The first-aid tent traumas to the luxurious toilet facilities.

Episode 032: Totes British

NSFW. Cameron becomes totes British, and shares the highs and lows of becoming a British Resident, and Claire has a flawed solution for getting her Residency.

They debate the best method for making a scone, and whether cream or jam should go on first.

Clair tells us all about the Burning Man Festival, and Next week she’ll be back to tell us about her Glastonbury experience.

Both Cameron and Claire’s cars break down too far from home, and have to be towed.

BTW. Cameron and Claire have no idea how many people are in a Scottish Jury

Episode 027: Cyst Vids

NSFW, Also not safe for while you’re eating. Claire and Cameron share the joys of pimple popping videos, ear wax videos, parasite videos, and fall down a horrible shame spiral of endless disgusting videos.

Cameron and Claire discuss Facebook stalking, and Instagram recommendations, and Zombie Apocalypse survival plans

They dabble in writing Erotic Novels, and discuss book etiquette. Claire also shares her Zombie Apocalypse survival plan.

If you’re curious, and aren’t eating, here’s a list of recommended viewing

Cockroach In The Ear

Cow Cyst

Dr Pimple Popper


….They aren’t the only gross ones. Here’s a list of all the other gross things people love


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Episode 023: Christmas Spectacular

Welcome to the Shamecast Christmas Spectacular… or the ‘Shametacular’.
Cameron is joined by regular guests Demis and Claire, while they sit around and chat over Christmas drinks.

Listen and Drink* along: Recipe can be found here

Special Christmas Jumpers can be bought here.

*Drink Responsibly

Episode 021: Exposed To The World

Cameron and Claire talk about wardrobe malfunctions. Claire tells us about her ‘girls’ getting her into trouble, and Cameron makes Claire jealous with his trip to Disneyland (Paris).