Episode 023: Christmas Spectacular

Welcome to the Shamecast Christmas Spectacular… or the ‘Shametacular’.
Cameron is joined by regular guests Demis and Claire, while they sit around and chat over Christmas drinks.

Listen and Drink* along: Recipe can be found here

Special Christmas Jumpers can be bought here.

*Drink Responsibly

Episode 015: Undies Mondays

Cameron and Demis discuss the dangers of over drinking. Demis discovers his forensic science skills, and Cameron explains why it’s important to always wear your good undies. They also share a few new ways of drinking, that you definitely should NOT try at home.

Episode 012: Not About Sports

This episode is definitely not about sports. Cameron and Demis discuss the price of linen, and compare thread count (Cameron already realises he’s dull). Demis briefs Cameron on the Kill Box, and Cameron gets trapped in a changing room.

Episode 006: Aussie In The UK

NSFW. Cameron and Demis kick it up a notch, and start to dig a little deeper into the shame. They discuss the subtle differences between life in Australia and the UK.