Episode 028: The Moth Problem

NSFW. Cameron is joined by regular guest Hannah. They discuss Cameron’s moth infestation, and the extreme methods he has gone to to eradicate the problem, while Hannah’s place has a bizarre infestation of its own.

Hannah creates her ideal penis using Dick Code with disappointing results.

Episode 019: Hotdog Pizza Crust

Cameron and Hannah talk about gross food. Cameron goes on a wine tasting tour, and Hannah runs through her checklist for becoming a grownup. Unfortunately both of them talk about eggs for waaay too long.

Episode 009: Tush Push

NSFW. Cameron and Hannah talk about Stag and Hen’s Do’s. Cameron explains why he isn’t a fan of Christmas Ham, and Hannah tells us why she loves Vegas.

Episode 005: Nanna Basement

Welcoming back Hannah!
Cameron and Hannah discuss the price of bananas down under. Hannah recounts her Friday night, and Cameron realises he’s old before his time. #Lettuce #Mouldy