Episode 033: Festival Season

NSFW. This week we double down on Claire, who joins Cameron as they discuss Music Festivals, and everything that comes with them. Everything from The first-aid tent traumas to the luxurious toilet facilities.

Episode 032: Totes British

NSFW. Cameron becomes totes British, and shares the highs and lows of becoming a British Resident, and Claire has a flawed solution for getting her Residency.

They debate the best method for making a scone, and whether cream or jam should go on first.

Clair tells us all about the Burning Man Festival, and Next week she’ll be back to tell us about her Glastonbury experience.

Both Cameron and Claire’s cars break down too far from home, and have to be towed.

BTW. Cameron and Claire have no idea how many people are in a Scottish Jury

Episode 031: Foot Rice

NSFW. Cameron is joined by Alastair and newcomer Tom. They discuss Office Aircon Politics , the dangers of public urinals, and the phenomenon of the Berocca piss.

They share some tips on how to save money on your next holiday, and discuss their upcoming holiday plans, and Alastair tells us how to scam a better airline meal.

Episode 030: TV Experiences

NSFW. Cameron and Ashlyn discuss awkward photos, and whether it’s better to be prepared and pose, or to be caught by surprise in a candid photo. Cameron shares failed auditions, and Ashlyn tries her hand and being an amateur model.

Cameron appears in a Korean travel show, and Ashlyn is featured on reality TV.

Episode 029: Jumble Sale

NSFW. Cameron is joined by Ben again, but Ben isn’t feeling 100% after a big night out. It doesn’t take long before things get super serious. Cameron and Ben share their odd phobias, and their love of Scotch Tape. Cameron visits a Jumble Sale with some strange products up for sale.

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Episode 028: The Moth Problem

NSFW. Cameron is joined by regular guest Hannah. They discuss Cameron’s moth infestation, and the extreme methods he has gone to to eradicate the problem, while Hannah’s place has a bizarre infestation of its own.

Hannah creates her ideal penis using Dick Code with disappointing results.

Episode 027: Cyst Vids

NSFW, Also not safe for while you’re eating. Claire and Cameron share the joys of pimple popping videos, ear wax videos, parasite videos, and fall down a horrible shame spiral of endless disgusting videos.

Cameron and Claire discuss Facebook stalking, and Instagram recommendations, and Zombie Apocalypse survival plans

They dabble in writing Erotic Novels, and discuss book etiquette. Claire also shares her Zombie Apocalypse survival plan.

If you’re curious, and aren’t eating, here’s a list of recommended viewing

Cockroach In The Ear

Cow Cyst

Dr Pimple Popper


….They aren’t the only gross ones. Here’s a list of all the other gross things people love


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Episode 026: Icecream and Accidents

NSFW. Cameron and Tristan ramble on a variety of subjects, but for some reason they always revolve around toilet humour. Tristan kicks off his new musical side project, with the new Shamecast Jingle.

Tristan tells us about his hectic week, and his ‘Lads on Tour’ holidays. Cameron shares the pain of a root canal, and asks what happens if you’re hungover when the Zombie apocalypse happens?

Cameron has numerous confrontations in bars, while Tristan acts like a VIP. They discuss the idea of having first dates at Ikea.

Episode 025: A Summer Without Toenails

NSFW. This week Cameron’s joined by newcomer Danny. They discuss parents on the internet, and Danny shares his social network shame (but don’t let his bad form reflect poorly on us). Together they ask all the important questions, like what happens if we run out of scissors? or what happens if scientists forget to grow a watermelon with seeds?

Cameron stubs his toe, with some shameful repercussion, and Danny experiences shag déjà vu.

Cameron shares a Royal Family conspiracy theory, and Danny reads some lovely poetry.

Episode 024: Zero Credit History


Cameron and Barnes discuss the best way to sleep at night, how to cure a pimple, and all the gadgets that will improve our lives.

Cameron gets mugged, and Barnes gives him some advice on how to handle the experience better.

Cameron talks about why he’s always sick these days, and Barnes tells us about his dog sledding adventures.