Episode 023: Christmas Spectacular

Welcome to the Shamecast Christmas Spectacular… or the ‘Shametacular’.
Cameron is joined by regular guests Demis and Claire, while they sit around and chat over Christmas drinks.

Listen and Drink* along: Recipe can be found here

Special Christmas Jumpers can be bought here.

*Drink Responsibly

Episode 022: Dolphin House

Episode 021: Exposed To The World

Cameron and Claire talk about wardrobe malfunctions. Claire tells us about her ‘girls’ getting her into trouble, and Cameron makes Claire jealous with his trip to Disneyland (Paris).

Episode 020: Sick Leave

Cameron and Ashlyn talk about sick days, and being put in quarantine. Cameron shares some dental horror stories, and the pain of having braces, and Ashlyn explains why she’s no good in an emergency situation.

Episode 019: Hotdog Pizza Crust

Cameron and Hannah talk about gross food. Cameron goes on a wine tasting tour, and Hannah runs through her checklist for becoming a grownup. Unfortunately both of them talk about eggs for waaay too long.

Episode 018: The Wrong Guy

Cameron is joined by special guest Zoe, who created the artwork for Shamecast. Check her out in the link below.
Cameron and Zoe talk about the foods they hate, and the time someone accidentally used Cameron’s old email address.


Episode 016: Hot Gingers

Shamecast is back! Cameron and Barnes expose their lack of knowledge when it comes to drinking beer. Cameron shares his experience with performance art, and Barnes explains the benefits of being British in Canada.

Episode 015: Undies Mondays

Cameron and Demis discuss the dangers of over drinking. Demis discovers his forensic science skills, and Cameron explains why it’s important to always wear your good undies. They also share a few new ways of drinking, that you definitely should NOT try at home.

Episode 014: The Newlyweds

Cameron has his first three-way with Trudy and Jamie. Trudy and Jamie share some wedding horror stories, and Cameron learns some very important advice. A word of warning, this episode is a little bit pooy.